Black Magic

All the friends I Will tell you how to recognize Black Magic:
These are the signs of Balck Magic.

1) If you see a dream of shit, urine or eating meat, or shit on your body,
2) Headache
3) Complete body pain.
4) Increaed sex desire.
5) To be a pain in Back and Kidney.
6) Bad smell farts.
7) Feeling fire in the body.
8) Feeling of hot body and hot air from nose and mouth.
9) Eyes burn and red.
10) Feel urine and shit again and again.
11) High Heart beat.
12) With difficulty breathing, pain in cheast.
13) not feel good about anything.
14) Face is going dark.
15) Adominal pain and diarrhea.
16) Face or leg rashes.
17) Face become horrible.
18) Heart afraid.
19) Not feeling well all the time
20) All things available still not happy.
21) Feel hanger agai and again even after 1 hour of eating.
22) Dont like praying, feel about Allah (God), bad thoughts about Allah in mind.
23) Always Pain in therot and voice is no clear
24) Bad Dreams, snakes, lizerds, dogs in the dream.
25) Heart have strange fear, which is not explainable
26) Feel pricks in the body.
27) Main in stomeck, and feel vomitting.
28) Feel sleepy, dont link to do any thing, feeling lazeeness.
29) Mind does not work properly, put and thing and forget that where you put it, memory loss.
30) Start hating your ownself.
31) See blue color or pink color or lines and circles in front 0of Eyes
32) Always feel tiredness, wihtout working.
33) While listing or reading Quran feel pain in body or feel uncomfortable.
34) Acidity in stomech
35) More nightfalls
36) Vibration in the body, pain in musecles
37) Feel hands or feet are dead.
38) pimples in the head.
39) Bad smell in urine
40) Bad smell in shit.
41) Feeling cold wihtout any reason.
42) Feel pain in feet wihtout walking.
43) Dogs or dead person in dream.
44) Weight loss wihtout any reason.
45) Medicine not affect or impact.
46) Watch people doing sex in dream, or naked people.
47) Feel a weight on shoulders, or body.

These are the signs of black magic if you have some of these signs immediately consult to any Amil who can remove black magic.

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